With your help we are committed to accomplish this goal with over 200 partners working towards major ‘safer world for women’ goals. You can inspire everyone to care for the safer world for women.
— Maureen Pearson, Relationship Coach

What We've Achieved

  • Story Rights
  • Script options
  • Core team from social development and Non Profit Sector
  • Development budgets
  • Key Crew, Locations and equipment
  • Social media team


Since 1998, our founding company has completed 150 social and commercial media projects, including documentaries for: Save The Children, British Council, Dan Church Aid and World Vision.

These efforts have lead to helping bring positive change and effecting millions living under the poverty line.

The heart warming documentary series A FISTFUL OF RICE was part of the successful effort to promote the 'Right To Food Bill' in the constitution of India.

This new project I'M RISING aims to be at the forefront of bringing new digital communication tools and platforms to nearly ONE MILLION women and girls globally, by producing and distributing social justice films, documentaries and web series.


Our Mission


Phase ONE


A feature length film, based on four true stories from around the world, to be distributed and released online across theaters in urban, as well as rural, areas of developed and developing economies. 



phase two


An Online Video Sharing Platform where women unite globally to share their stories, pictures, videos or auditors (to keep their confidentiality), to express and help others rise above and beyond similar challenging situations of emotional or physical abuse. 


phase three


Selecting 10 stories about women from hundreds and thousands across the world, from schools, streets, homes and offices, and help these women to write, shoot, direct and edit their own stories, to create a web series.

These collective efforts and media tools will be distributed to 1000 schools, 100,000 families and hoping to reach our target of ONE MILLION WOMEN globally.


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